The Anatomy of a Specimen Sheet

The author mounting a plant specimen on a collection sheet. 
Botany specimen #535779, a Quercus rubra (Red Oak) branch and leaves.  

During my time with the department in the Spring 2022 semester, I received hands-on training in the collection process while assisting with a digitization project of plants from the Mid-Atlantic region. To fully appreciate the life and history of the collection, which is freely accessible on the museum’s website, one must know how to understand the wealth of information contained on a specimen sheet. 

The Door to More Opportunities

science center building

 A first internship can be daunting – a new environment with new people and different expectations. The Carnegie Science Center was my first internship within the museum field, and though there were elements that were new to me, this was a great opportunity to get my foot in the door.    

Researching Female Printmakers of the 20th Century

This semester I worked with independent curator Hannah Turpin to help digitize Marty O'Brien's private art collection. My main goal for the semester was to research the exhibition and publication history of the prints in his collection, and to enter that information for each piece into the Collectrium, the digital management system that Marty is using to keep track of his collection.