Small Things That Make Art Great

As an artist, I am always interested in approaching art from new perspectives to discover how different views and experiences will change the way I see the art world. Working with the curator and marketing team at the Pittsburgh Glass Center this semester allowed me to get involved in the working process in an art gallery and it also brought my imagination about this job to back to earth.

Art on Campus and Its Public

Though people walk by public works of art every day, information about them is often not easily accessible to the average passerby. Many people come to recognize works of public art based only on their appearance, but have no means to easily understand their history, origin, and significance of its particular location. I wanted to learn more about how the general public experiences art, while working on a project that will make information more accessible.

Exploring the Familiar

Picture the ground floor of Posvar Hall. Continuous renovations have turned old and dusty sitting areas into contemporary study spots and cultural education areas. A long, open area leads to multiple doorways and elevators upstairs. Now picture all six artworks that decorate that space. Can you think of all of them? And if you can, how many of them can you name?