Conserving Pittsburgh's Hidden Treasures

Rebecca Fitzharris, Museum Studies Intern at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History – Fall 2021 Walking down any street in Pittsburgh you can see trash cans scattered along the sidewalks. People discard materials into these cans every day without a second thought. However, would these materials, regarded as 'trash' to us, be perceived in the same way a hundred or so years from now?

A Semester at the University Art Gallery

Museum experiences are different for everyone. That is part of what makes a museum such an important venue of culture: where you experience art and learn about others, as well as yourself. I had the opportunity to experience a museum in an entirely new way through my work as a Museum Studies Intern at the University Art Gallery in the Fall of 2021.  

Discovering the Greer Lankton Archive

I was not sure what to expect when I began my internship at the Mattress Factory in the Greer Lankton Digitization Project in February of 2021. Beginning an internship remotely was daunting but has in turn aided me in developing a uniquely personal relationship not only to the work but to the artist. Greer Lankton (1958- 1996) was an ethereal artist and person, popularly known for her dolls whose individual personalities were extensions of Lankton’s exploration into her own personhood and identity.