Stefan Poost

Stefan Poost is a sophomore major in Architectural Studies also pursuing a certificate in Global Studies. His main interests lie in sustainable design and the relationship between man and environment.

HAAARCH!!! 2014

Join us for the fourth installment of HAAARCH!!! a showcase of undergraduate research, creative work, and achievement in the History of Art and Architecture Department and the Architectural Studies Program. This forum provides students the opportunity to exhibit, present and promote their research and experiential learning activities. The event will also feature an exhibition of creative work that was undertaken in departmental courses.

Trevor Owens on Digital Preservation in the Digital Humanities

For those of you who couldn't attend the talk Trevor Owens gave at the iSchool yesterday, check out his slides and rough notes on Naturally, the discussion of digital preservation and its place in the future of the digital humanities raised several important and intriguing questions among students, staff and faculty in attendance.

Architecture Design Studio 2 Final Project: Anna Moyer

Anna Moyer will be presenting her Architecture Design Studio 2 final project in this years HAAARCH program. The studio introduced system based design concepts, which required students to work in a continuous sequence of strategic design. The final assignment led to the design of a funerary complex on a predetermined site located on Mount Washington in Pittsburgh. Anna's design incorporated elements from the site itself, as well as from the text, Walden written by Henry David Thoreau.

Senior Design Studio Portfolio: Robert Bush

Robert Bush will be presenting his architectural studio II models within the Frick Fine Arts gallery. A complimentary slideshow portfolio will also be projected to show previous projects within the History of Art & Architecture, as well as Studio Arts Department.  The projects selected provide a sense of Robert’s individual creativity through two-dimensional and three-dimensional expressions, but they also demonstrate what can be achieved through the Architectural Studies design track major.

"Re-Thinking Architecture: A Call for a New Social Space" by Chris Hazel

In 1992, architectural thinker and educator Lebbeus Woods proposed a series of technological pods throughout the war-torn sections of Zagreb meant to be used for free global communication. His motivation was for a an architectural free-space away from tyrannical government and traditional social hierarchy. My talk will expand on this idea of guiding social hierarchy by way of architecture.

"St. George Statuette - The Excess of the Reliquary" by DeAnna Robinson

The Statuette of St. George (1586-97) is one of the many treasures located within the treasury at the Munich Residenz. Commissioned by Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria in 1586, the statuette was made to contain a relic of St. George and was sent from the Duke’s brother, Archbishop Ernst of Cologne. As a reliquary, the statuette was constructed to convey the story of St. George Slaying the Dragon. St. George was a soldier in the Roman army who was later revered as a Christian martyr and is highly respected.

"Chalice of Gourdon" by Laura Dunn

Located in the Cabinet des Medailles are the chalice and paten found buried at the monastery in Gourdon which is in modern day France. Though we may never know how they made it to Gourdon definitively, it is worthwhile to look into the historical and social implications surrounding these items to understand their meaning more fully.

Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn is a senior double major in History of Art and Architecture and Communication Rhetoric with a minor in Italian. She is originally from Houston, Texas but has thoroughly enjoyed her time in Pittsburgh. She is deeply involved in the Chi Omega fraternity serving as the past president. She traveled with the HAA department to Cleveland and Detroit the past fall and was inspired by what she learned there.