Making a Home for Salk’s Legacy

A woman stand in front of a cinderblock wall planning the layout of images and artifacts for an exhibit

Material culture is a foundational element in creating identity in communities, big and small. Living my whole life in Pittsburgh, I have been immersed in the legacies and histories of this city. In January of this year, I was thrilled to learn my internship would allow me to be involved in the celebration of a Pittsburgh legacy through an exhibit of their material culture.

A Latina in a Latin American Museum

a collage of three images. Two images are of colorful beaded Peruvian outfits. The middle photo is of a woman holding an ornate headdress

I first heard of the Latin American Cultural Center during my sophomore year at Pitt when I saw the sign that said, “Latin American Cultural Center, Coming Soon.” At the time, I did not realize that LACC (Latin American Cultural Center) was a museum and an extension of the Latin American Studies Association, and I certainly did not expect that I would be interning there two years later.