Back to the Lab Again

Play the song as you read. :)

I GOT A SECRET FORMULA: for all the ways to write the dates for the two different types of date entries (display date and indexing date).

 Like with Dexter, entering the lab is always as interesting as a new t.v. episode of our own t.v. sitcom.  And it happens to be released every week. :D This week on "Back to the Lab Again" was a continuation of playing Shirlock two weeks ago and entering data into Itinera last week. We got more in depth with Alex, Marybeth, Alison and Wawa as they attempted to perfect the format of their data entry for Nicholas Revett into Itinera. Dan co-starred for some comic relief to this stressful, high-intensity, brain workout episode. 

(As you can tell I watch too much Arrested Development, and feel like shows should be narrated as awkwardly as Arrested Development is.... every episode.)

NEXT WEEK ON "BACK TO THE LAB AGAIN": more biographical data entry. :)