The CRAAP Test

The CRAAP Test tortured me throughout high school.  I used it in basically everyone of my classes.  But honestly, it taught me a lot.  I can determine if a website is credible in like five seconds flat.  I was so suprised to see that Itinera did not pass. Working behind the scenes on Itinera, I know it is credible.  I've seen the process in action.  However, there was no information about Itinera anywhere on the site.  There was no copyright information, no authors, no creators, no editors, no sponsors.  Even though I knew the website was credible, there was nothing on the website confirming that.  This totally may be my science background kicking in, but the fields of research are still primarily thought to be science-oriented.  The OUR supported this assumption with the templates they provided for our presentations.  The templates simply do not fit what we have been working on, and it stinks that they want us to fit that into incorrectly labeled bins.  Its like incorrectly sorting metadata.  It just doesn't work.

The link for the CRAAP Test: