Digital Humanities does not mean "scanning stuff"

What makes this call for applications especially cool is the application process: not a long, complicated series of forms, with character limits, and uploads for your CV, even though you've already put in that information separately in another form, and complicated system messages that will confuse your professors, as they try to upload their references. Just a Google form. (Plus, a stylish hero featuring a slide projector. Very hip.)

July 28–August 6, 2014
University of California, Los Angeles

“Beyond the Digitized Slide Library” is an eight-day summer institute to be held at the University of California, Los Angeles, July 28–August 6, 2014. Major support for the program has been provided by the Getty Foundation. Participants will learn about debates and key concepts in the digital humanities and gain hands-on experience with tools and techniques for art historical research (including metadata basics, data visualization, network graphs, and digital mapping).