In today's meeting we discussed what work flow would be the most productive and efficient. For next week we will be attmpting to impliment the work flow that we discussed:taking the first pass at the french correspondences and entering them straight into itinera. We will see how much we get done and create a possible amount of work we could possibly finish by the end of the semester. The second thing we discussed were the details of the input methods and what is inputted into itinera. There was a big confusion with how to categorize "tours" (which we might possibly change to "life"), agent life roles, agent to agent relationships, source entry and related tour stops. Having discussed this with seven other people, we are getting closer to understanding the most efficient way to input and to portray the data. 


Drew and I had a conversation to help me understand how to efficiently go through the first pass mentioned in the previous article. Many of the names that are VERY important are italicizded in the letters. He will also bring in his index of all the volumes so that we can cross reference the names we feel might be important and the amount of times they were mentioned in the whole series of books. With these two tools it will be possible to gert more work done in a timely fashion while inputting only the most relevant data into itinera.