pass 1 and pass 2 of work flow timed test

 Last week we discussed work flow and the most efficient way to get the most done possible. So we tested ourselves to find out how much work we could do in a specific amount of time, and if we encountered any problems while doing our timed test. Some of the problems we encountered were the inability to track pieces of artwork, not understanding abbreviations that are no longer used, and how to identify a relationship between two people. We attempted to talk through these issues and did come up with a few solutions. 

The work flow was almost on target. Alex asked that we complete about 10 letters and input them into itinera, and Marybeth and I had almost 10 letters done in 1 hour and a half. The second pass was very quick, since we were now used to disciplining ourseloves to NOT search up a picture of each peprson, and find out what their whole name was, and pretty much NOT do any research. The more we did, the quicker it got.