So Long, Farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye.... :(

     Humanities, usually has the the bad rep of being easy and lacking in innovation and necessary mental capabilities. Society contrasts humanities with both math and science. They say that unlike, math and science, humanities does not take much effort anad doed not necessarily build on prior knowledge. Well, for everything we've learned in the digital humanities this semester, I can honestly say, society has it all wrong. I believe society expects humanities (essentially the study of human nature and social science) to be flawed because humans are flawed. But society forgets that in order to go forward, we must learn from the mistakes and build on the feats of our predecessors. Itinera, I have come to believe, is an ongoing feat and testament to the curiosity and ability of mankind. We continue every single day to build on what was once just an idea.

     I am absolutely honored to say that I got to work on itinera. I learned a lot about myself, more about computers and a lot more about the nature of people. Most of all, I've learned that opportunities are endless when it comes to making yourself more aware of the world, whether its synthesizing information on a travel phenomenon or actually traveling to supplement a classical education. Life is full of surprises and no matter what your current skill set, you can always adapt to the world around you through curiosity and genuine willingness to learn. 

    Thank you to everyone on the Itinera team. I'm sad that it's almost the last week. I hope to see you all around sometime.