A Working Title

In lab last Friday, we had a tour stop meeting.  At the meeting, we discussed the issues we were having when making tour stops, and how best to fix those issues.  After mulling over the conversation for a few days, I am still left with the impression that we could not figure out the answers to the majority of our issues. For awhile, I was pretty confused as to why all of these questions were left unanswered.  Then, I realized that we were working on these tourstop issues kind of how I approach cleaning my room. I take everything out of its place, make a huge mess, and then I start putting everything back in its place.  This is exactly what we were doing.  We discussed the problems, and possible solutions, but tourstops are nowhere near dealt with.  Its kind of like how I tell my mom my mess is a "working mess," and everything is always a work in progress.