LGBTQ Legacy at The Andy Warhol Museum

Proposed flyer for the LGBTQ Youth Prom


LGBTQ Legacy at The Andy Warhol Museum

Museum Studies Intern at The Andy Warhol Museum - Spring 2018

Campbell’s Soup. Crazy Hair. Artistic Icon. These were the things I knew about Andy Warhol.

However, before my Museum Studies internship at The Andy Warhol Museum, I didn’t know much about his role in gay culture. However, after working in the Education department with Shannon Thompson, I have a better understanding the importance and legacy of Warhol and his art.

For my internship, I was tasked with helping the Prom Planning committee held every third Thursday. During these meetings, LGBTQ+ teens from all over Western Pennsylvania came to plan their alternative prom at their respective schools. At the first meeting that I was a part of, I kept seeing all different kinds of teens coming through the doors: individuals of all colors, sizes, labels, and orientations. I was in charge of facilitating the flyer subcommittee. In this subcommittee, I was able to have more intimate conversations with the teens and get to know them. After speaking with a student about what this Prom means to them, they said: “Prom is essential to any high school kid’s experience. For us, we can’t necessarily be ourselves at every school’s prom. This prom allows us to be ourselves and have the most fun we can.”

There is no single reason why Andy Warhol is remains a cultural icon; there are many. For teens and adults living an LGBTQ+ life, he can resonate with many. During his lifetime, Warhol was a pioneer for gay rights in that he was an openly gay artist. He paved the way for future artists to do the same, and allowed LGBTQ+ people an outlet in the popular culture.

Today, at The Andy Warhol Museum, they are using these messages and meanings around Warhol’s life to help LGBTQ+ teens in the Pittsburgh Area. With programs like the LGBTQ+ Prom, teens from across the Pittsburgh Area can look to this museum as a safe space to be themselves. I know Warhol would be proud if he saw what his legacy means to all these teens and to others across the globe.

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