Student Journal: Seeing it all come together


Student Journal: Seeing it all come together

Xander Schempf, 24 October and 6 November 2017

October 24

As a class, we are currently in the stages right before the show really starts to pick up, or at least that’s how I’ve perceived it. Coming from the Installation group, it feels like planning can only go so far, and that once we get into the gallery to begin set up, things will come together and solutions to problems we didn’t know existed will be found. After multiple drafts with constant revisions and tweaks from fellow installation members, professors, and other classmates, we as a group have a pretty solid grasp on how things will be displayed.  The original plan of having Visual Knowledge in the front gallery, Identity in the rotunda, and Ritual in the hallway is intact (with just a few deviations). Within a week our installation group went from tentative guesses on locations to a well thought out layout of the upcoming exhibition. Next comes the physical installing of the objects, which is what I’m most looking forward to. Weeks of planning and scrapped ideas have led to this, so I hope for the best of luck!

November 6

Just a few days before the show opens, and the exhibition has truly come together. I've learned a lot about how a museum might operate from the de-installation of the previous show and the installation of ours. I learned many installation techniques such as proper lighting, display methods, handling of objects, and many more that I hope to bring to careers in my future. After it’s all installed, all that’s left to be done is to just let it happen. That's what I’m most excited about, just knowing that it’s installed and anyone can come and visit. 

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